Do it Yourself


mazak with loader
Control Cost

When you manufacture your own product, you're in the driver's seat. You can keep costs low by eliminating the middle man and absorbing a profit tier.

Control Quality

Ensure that your customer are happy with your product by guaranteeing the quality. Make it the way you want without sacrificing quality.

Product Flexibility

Make updates as necessary and add new products to your line quickly when you have extra machine capacity.

KlayBox Training and Machine Procurement

KlayBox will find the correct machines for your processes and get the best prices for you. We use our years of experience to find and refurbish equipment that will perform like new for years to come. We can even train and help hire the right people to operate your new equipment.

Let KlayBox help

If you are interested in learning more about adding manufacturing processes to your business, please contact KlayBox for a free consultation.