Know Your Business

Keep Track of Orders Digitally

Whether you stock by the thousands or ship JIT custom projects, data tracking is the life's-blood of the modern business. KlayBox can develop easy-to-use solutions that are tailored to your processes and products.

Only the Info You Need

We'll develop systems that track all of your data, but present it in a usable way that gets you straight to the information you need. We can also tailor our MRP solutions for multiple departments to create a simpler, more synergistic workflow.

Flexible Manufacturing

Be flexible by allocating the right resources at the right time. Easily identify your hot spots and channel your workforce where they can make the biggest impact and drive up your profits.

Accurate Inventory

KlayBox makes inventory simple to keep track of by implementing barcode scanning. And, we allow you to add custom resources and products so you have an accurate planning system.

Design Software Integration

KlayBox can integrate your custom MRP solution with design software to help turbo charge your custom product manufacturing. Let us boost your JIT shipping by putting you in the driver's seat of your design.

Let KlayBox Help

Contact KlayBox for a free consultation and review of your needs.