Digital Product Design Matters...

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When KlayBox digitally designs your products, we carry our twenty years of manufacturing experience with us into the product design process. We evaluate your products every step of the way to ensure they can be produced in the real world efficiently, with no surprises.

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Cost Savings

Get an accurate picture of how your products can be made and what features they should have before blowing your budget on prototyping. Digital revisions are a fast and easy way to cycle through different concepts and KlayBox has tools available to help you navigate through this process in an informed and confident manner.

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Accurate Estimation

Know how much your products will cost to produce ahead of time so you can plan accordingly. Whether you use KlayBox for your prototype or production needs, we can give you accurate information regarding the cost of raw materials and the amount of time each process should take.

Nail your First Impression

Photorealistic renderings are a great way to get motivated and to inspire the coalition of those who will help you finish the job. KlayBox can provide photorealistic images and videos to help rally your troops and win heroes to your side. If seeing is believing, renderings are what you need to breathe life into your concepts.

Kickstart your dream

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